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The business lead generation App that uses your content and data analytics to qualify marketing leads

Win new customers in communities on your own branded App. Turn unknown prospects into hot leads with full access to customer insight data. And the best part? No Ads - Just qualified leads!

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SME MK and Buckinghamshire Business Awards 2022

BAME Business of the Year

We did not set out to be a BAME business, however, one of our core values is inclusion. Our inclusive approach to all things business has enabled us to build a global team of talented minds. We value the opportunity to meet, understand and build relationships with people from all walks of life. With this exposure and interaction comes greater understanding and engagement.

Our team are from the UK, Guyana, India, Lithuania, Israel and Azerbaijan
We actively take steps to continuously improve the accessibility of our products and services for our customers
Inclusivity doesn't mean including everything straight away! It means if you can, you should
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Powerful features to streamline your sales process

Who's looking at my content?

Find out who's looking at your brand, products and services. Export data analytics and convert marketing leads into sales.

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Users you can reach

Now users can send emails or call you directly from your digital content. KonnekApp has made it even easier to direct your users in the right direction.

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KonnekApp is built on the highly secure Google Cloud Platform. User data is protected by the world's most trusted data centre infrastructure. It is encrypted by default, at rest and in-transit - Secure By Design.


Your personal data is protected from the moment you download, install and register your details with us. Be confident that your users’ data is safe when they use KonnekApp - Privacy By Design.


Soon you'll be able to use notifications to send messages directly to users, keeping them up-to-date quickly and easily. You won’t need to waste time, money and resources over-complicating marketing communications with KonnekApp.

Word + PDFs + MP3s

KonnekApp can now support all types of content. Share more than just your videos. Upload PDFs, Word Documents, Spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, MP3s and more to any playlist.

Generate leads

In compliance with GDPR guidelines, your KonnekApp users consent to share their personal data with you. Learn about your audience and what they're looking at and download user data to support your sales team in driving lead conversions.

Customize KonnekApp

KonnekApp is made for you. You can customize it with your branding and colours. We want you to make it yours. We know your audience may be global, so KonnekApp is available in 10 languages (with plenty more coming soon).

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Video marketing
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Conversion rate
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Digital assets

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KonnekApp for Android, iOS & iPadOS

Find and export user data, including first and last name, email, phone number, company, job title and business area, in compliance with GDPR regulations.

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KonnekApp Portal for desktop

Download for desktop

Customise your KonnekApp App, with your own branding style. You can assign role permissions to any team member and export data analytics from your KonnekApp portal.

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Frequently asked questions

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