Key features

Onboarding your organisation: 

The KonnekApp team will seamlessly onboard your organisation with the support of Google Authentication.

Our Sales team will ensure:

  • Instant set-up of your organisations accounts
  • Users can subscribe to your KonnekApp instantly
  • Provide your organisation with roles, each containing different permission levels

Your organisation will also benefit from 24/7 support from one of our expert KonnekApp engineers.

Upload your video content

KonnekApp supports video content from YouTube and Vimeo plus can also display 360° video content too!

Powerful features to supercharge your sales pipeline

User data and how it's stored?

  • Users can opt in or out of having their activity metrics shared with an organisation. In-app activity metrics are tracked and recorded for those who opted in. This is all compliant with GDPR regulations.
  • User metrics (from opted-in users) are regularly exported to a format accessible to organisation admins and can be ingested into your CRM system.
  • Our data is hosted on Google Cloud Platform, which benefits from decades of Google security expertise.

KonnekApp is going global !

  • KonnekApp can support up to 77 languages. At present it has been made available in English, French, German, Italian, Chinese (simplified), and Spanish, with many more on the way! 
  • Our engineers can release code updates using automated static code analysis, testing and deployment pipelines. This guarantees the reliability of our software no matter what region you're in.

Time To Get Social! 

KonnekApp allows your users to connect to their social media profiles such as LinkedIn, allowing them to easily share content with their network. This helps your organisation to achieve a more reliable account of your users.

Ready to drive sales to the next level?

Check out what KonnekApp and the KonnekApp Admin Portal will look like for your business! 

KonnekApp for Android, iOS & iPadOS

Check out our User demo below. Our Commercial Business Manager, Ajeet, walks you through how to join KonnekApp and explains some of the key features of the App! Watch below to find out how your users will engage with your video content!

Download for Android, IOS & iPadOS

KonnekApp Portal for desktop

Check out our Admin Portal demo below. Our UI/UX Deign Lead, Lauren, walks you through the very screens she created to allow organisations the ability to monitor and control their platforms. She even mentions some exciting new features which are currently in development!

Download for desktop

Check out the KonnekApp roadmap for 2020/21:

Version 1 of KonnekApp includes the ability to link and embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo, analyse user stats, connect user profiles to LinkedIn, organise videos into playlists and in-app messaging... amongst much more! 

Version 2 of KonnekApp is currently being developed to support CRM integration, ecommerce functionality and native video uploads.