Generate leads from your
YouTube and Vimeo videos

KonnekApp™ lets you upload your YouTube, Vimeo and native video content into your own branded mobile App. Learn who’s watching your videos and gain new leads with full GDPR compliance and in-depth analytics.

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Powerful features to supercharge your sales pipeline

Who's watching your videos?

Find out who's looking at your brand, products and services. Analyse and export your user data and convert leads into sales.

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Seamless CRM integration

Integrate CRM systems* such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365, with KonnekApp and centralise your data to build a clearer picture of who your customers are.

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And there are more powerful features!


KonnekApp is built on the highly secure Google Cloud Platform. Your data is protected by the world's most trusted data centre infrastructure. It is encrypted by default, at rest and in-transit - Secure By Design.


Your personal data is protected from the moment you download, install and register your details with us. Be confident that your audience’s data is safe when they use KonnekApp - Privacy By Design.

Social Media

We are building smart integrations with leading social media platforms, so you and your audience can connect your socials to KonnekApp with ease. Our goal is to make sharing videos and content faster and easier.

Word + PDFs + MP3s

KonnekApp is about supporting all types of content. Soon you’ll be able to share more of your favourite content types from your playlists. We’re always striving to improve and make our product better. 

Generate leads

In compliance with GDPR guidelines, your KonnekApp users consent to share their private information with you. Learn about your audience, and download user data to support your sales team in driving lead conversions.

Customize KonnekApp

KonnekApp is made for you. You can customize it with your branding and colours. We want you to make it yours. We know your audience may be global, so KonnekApp is available in seven languages (with more coming soon).

Ready to increase leads and boost sales?

KonnekApp is available to buy now!

KonnekApp App is available on Android and iOS

KonnekApp for Android, iOS & iPadOS

Users watch your YouTube and Vimeo videos from your KonnekApp, you analyse engagement and export their contact details for your sales teams. KonnekApp App demo here.

Download for Android, IOS & iPadOS

KonnekApp Portal for desktop

Download for desktop

Customise your KonnekApp App, analyse engagement reports and download GDPR compliant user data. Upload video content via your Mac or PC. KonnekApp Portal demo here.

Frequently asked questions

Browse our most frequently asked questions here. If you can’t find what you’re looking for please get in touch.

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Which video hosting sites are supported by KonnekApp?
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