Generate leads from your video content

KonnekApp™ allows you to upload your Vimeo, YouTube and native video content into your own branded mobile app. Find out who’s watching your videos and gain new leads with full GDPR compliance and in depth analytics.



Powerful features to supercharge your sales pipeline

Who's watching your videos?

Find out who's looking at your brand, products and services. Analyse and export your user data and convert leads into sales.

Seamless CRM integration

Integrate CRM systems such as Salesforce or Dynamics 365, with KonnekApp to centralise your data and build a clearer picture of who your customers are.

And many more amazing features!


KonnekApp is built on a highly secure platform, with multiple redundancies. Your data is protected and your videos will be served to users with 99.99% uptime.


Here at KonnekApp, every users privacy is precious to us. End users are able to control whether a company can access their personal information.

Social Media

KonnekApp users can integrate their LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles with their KonnekApp account. It makes sharing videos a lot easier!

Skills Tracker

KonnekApp displays your progress for different playlists or skills. We check how often and how much of each video was watched by the end user to measure it.

Data Optimization

In compliance with GDPR guidelines, KonnekApp gains permission and collates user statistics, to support your in house sales team in driving lead conversion.

In-App Customization

Customization features include light and dark mode, location settings and data sharing options. Organisations can also display their own branding and logos.

Discover how KonnekApp can turn your YouTube views into leads

Take a look at our video to find out more! 

Ready to drive sales to the next level? KonnekApp is coming soon!

Are you ready to make the leap? KonnekApp for iOS or Android will be available for download soon.

KonnekApp for Android, iOS & iPadOS

Organisations can customise the app, download GDPR compliant user data and upload video content on mobile, iPads and tablets. Check out our User demo here.

Download for Android, IOS & iPadOS

KonnekApp Portal for desktop

Organisations can customise the app, download GDPR compliant user data and upload video content now for Mac and PC desktop. Check out our Admin Portal demo here.

Download for desktop

Frequently Asked Questions

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