Five Ways To Increase B2B Video Lead Conversion

Studies show that over 80% of online B2B leads are generated on LinkedIn, a social media platform that only introduced native video, just a few years ago – almost a decade after Facebook.

Here, we share five tips for higher video lead conversion. 

  1. Target a niche audience: think quality over quantity. 72 hours of video is uploaded on the internet each day, most of it targeted at all users, with the hope of either going viral or capturing a small portion of the overall internet user base. However, focussing your video content on a niche group with specific needs that your product or services addresses, is likely to produce higher conversion rates. E.g. If you produce standards for workplace safety, it makes sense to produce a video called ‘First things to do when you get underground’, targeting cross-rail workers, or iron ore miners. This will be much more effective than content designed to advise on generic workplace safety.
  2. Serialise or slice videos: NatWest Business Banking has a video series called: Adapting to the New Now, specifically targeting businesses who have had to change the way they operate due to the pandemic. The strategy here is video content marketing (see our previous post) to target new business customers, as it isn’t for NatWest business customers only. It is specifically for businesses that are considering or have changed the way they operate. Natwest wants to be their bank of choice, and in producing this series, with trailers on social media, to show that it understands their unique needs, and is therefore more likely to generate interest amongst non-NatWest customers. By creating the series and promoting it with short clips on social media over several weeks, it keeps NatWest in front of customers beyond a typical broadcast marketing campaign.
  3. Don’t gate your video: Video gating is a technique where a prospect has to submit information before they view the video. However, 68% of online lead capture forms are abandoned, largely because they are deployed prematurely - before the lead is warm. Additionally, most prospects are quite clued up on lead capture tactics and provide fake details for access. Create a trailer or a share a full chapter from your video content and add the lead capture form at the end. This means that the quality of the leads you receive will be higher – thus more likely to convert, when compared to those who provide false information simply to access the content. 
  4. Give freebies: Who doesn’t love gifts? Video consumers are usually prospects in the research phase of their purchase journey. Rather than relying on them to bookmark your video, make hand-written notes or remember to share your video, supply an accompanying infographic summarising your content, or provide a cheat-sheet or fact sheet – any supplement that provides utility to the prospect and builds trust. This pushes the customer further down the purchase funnel towards the decision stage, much sooner, as they feel armed with more knowledge about the category, product or service.
  5. Conduct campaign refreshes: Social media networks are quite careful about maintaining the balance between paid and organic content, cat videos and sponsored posts. This is why they give users the ability to hide posts. By conducting campaign refreshes, you add visual variety to the same message and call to action, and cater to differing tastes and appeal amongst prospects. Something as simple as changing the video thumbnail in a sponsored Facebook post, or shifting an video from the Instagram feed to Instagram Stories could be the difference between a click and a hide from the customer who has seen your advert or post before. 

Getting familiar with the audience you are trying to reach and focussing on a specific need may reduce your reach, but increase your conversion. If you serialise your video content over a number of weeks, you catch many more prospects as you remain visible during their buying cycles, capturing the leads on your own branded platform.

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Robert Lee

I've done 8 starts ups solo, but with this one, I now lead a team that builds Apps! The world of work is a weird and wonderful place! I love people, love the chaos and randomness and how it all somehow seems to come together just when you need it to.