Meet the team

About KonnekApp

The world's first application which allows you to generate marketing leads directly from your video content. KonnekApp™ allows you to link and embed your videos from YouTube and Vimeo onto a platform entirely controlled by you.

Who we are

KonnekApp is developed by a team of highly skilled and qualified software developers, UI/UX artists and Magicians.

Our team

Meet the minds behind KonnekApp! 

Andrejus Kostarevas
Lead App Developer

Systems engineering graduate from Reading University now specialising in scalable Cloud platforms. I enjoy working with our highly interdisciplinary team in bringing the user's needs first. In my off time I always enjoy a good read!

Ajeet Kaur-Sucha
Commercial Business Manager

A KCL philosophy graduate who enjoys team management and project organisation. I work closely with our technical and commercial teams to ensure our final product matches, and often exceeds, our client expectations!!!

Robert Lee
Founder and MD

I've done 8 starts ups solo, but with this one, I now lead a team that builds Apps! The world of work is a weird and wonderful place! I love people, love the chaos and randomness and how it all somehow seems to come together just when you need it to.

Robin Lee
Media Production Manager

Hunky film graduate from the University of Portsmouth. Seeking friendship and creativity at first. SWIPE RIGHT if you want an amazing 2 minutes of video....

Lauren Billings
UI/UX Design Lead

A Loughborough University Graphic Design graduate, largely involved in creating websites and apps and designing marketing material to advertise products. A sport fanatic and avid dog lover. PS. Can I put my Christmas tree up yet?…. if you didn’t know I am a BIG fan of Christmas 🎄.

Naimish Verma
Front End Developer

A technology enthusiast and resourceful full-stack software engineer who loves to write clean and maintainable code. A tea and a cricket lover who loves to make videos and write tech blogs in free time.

Sparsh Gupta
Front End Developer

Persuing my graduaton in CSE from AKTU, I work with the team as a Flutter Developer. I believe in contributing more to the community and giving my best to whatever I am assigned to.

Dama James
Digital Marketing and SEO Expert

I am a digital strategist with expertise in partnerships, brand, social media search engine marketing and content production. I also have experience working in senior marketing and digital roles in automotive, financial services and technology.

Prince Srivastava
Front end developer

A Computer Science graduate from APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University. Believes in People before Work . A Chess player and tech lover. As the Flutter Developer I work closely with the team to make the Konnekapp mobile app user friendly with great performance.

Ori Marash
Software Developer

I am an undergraduate student at Bath University studying Computer Science and Mathematics. I have always had a passion for computer science, teaching myself to program at 10. From there, I built on my previous knowledge, making more and more projects until finally breaching into the industry. Before joining the REAS group, I worked as a freelance software developer for my family, then my friends, then business partners. I've launched numerous projects and made some cool stuff. I'm excited to learn more about programming through my work here with such a lovely team of like-minded developers.

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