An Easy and Secure Way To Share Video Content With Clients

An Easy & Secure Way To Share Video Content With Clients

When it comes to capturing new leads from video content, YouTube, Vimeo and other online video-sharing platforms are popular, but have many limitations. 

While YouTube allows you to share unlisted videos that do not show up in public search results, and Vimeo’s password protected feature means only users you share passwords with can view your video, both platforms falter in the B2B space. 

Password protected videos on a public platform won’t cut it. Unlisted video links can be shared easily and anonymously. Both private and unlisted videos can be quickly ripped by free-to-use tools available on the internet.

The mechanics on these platforms that help videos go viral via easy to use online sharing tools, are the same ones that pose risks to businesses looking to protect their digital assets.

Today, the proliferation of content marketing means brands are producing more and more video content as part of their Digital Asset Management strategies. 

Short explainer videos now routinely replace lengthy training manuals, staff handbooks and policies. FTSE 100 companies report results and new strategic directions to investors via private video links, providing a recording which can be accessed later by city analysts.

More recently, the social distancing, lockdown and quarantine measures that followed the global Covid-19 pandemic seem likely to stay in place, longer than first anticipated. 

New hires who were once required to attend week-long induction sessions, are now onboarded and managed remotely, completing mandatory training from home. Existing employees too will have to continue their professional development via video, instead of on and off-site training, as well as manage staff (and be managed) remotely, for the foreseeable future.

SME and corporate Business Development teams that thrive on bespoke one-to-one pitches and account reviews with potential clients and existing ones respectively, are having to improvise with low tech solutions, often with no support from their internal IT teams.

The challenge for businesses is clear: How do we equip a remote workforce with the tools they need to carry out their roles successfully, acquire new business and grow our bottom line, while protecting our digital assets and proprietary information in a networked world?

Enter KonnekApp - a next-generation solution for businesses looking to generate leads from video, by hosting, managing and distributing content to users on a branded platform. 

KonnekApp can be customised with your brand logo and identity. It allows you to create and manage users with bespoke permissions, upload videos via an intuitive desktop client, create, store and share playlists, all on a secure platform with full analytics capabilities, such as viewer statistics and engagement data. 

To find out how you can manage and distribute your digital assets to remote clients and users, safely and securely with KonnekApp, see below.


About KonnekApp

KonnekApp is a secure, next-generation solution for businesses looking to generate leads from video, by hosting, managing and distributing content to users on a branded platform. KonnekApp is developed by REAS group, a bunch of thinkers, artists and architects bringing your ideas to life.

Arzu Abdullayeva

I graduated in late 2021 with a Communications, Media, and Journalism degree from the 2 year program at the University of Buckingham. I am looking forward to working collaboratively with the rest of the team to produce creative and unique content.